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Join for free and start earning 8% back on every purchase. Rewards members also receive double- and triple-point offers, access to member-only deals, as well as a dedicated phone line to Gear Advisers and a $25 coupon on your birthday, all on us. Changing the stock tubes isn’t nesseary but don’t be afraid to experiment with other matched pairs. The combination results in a wide range of sounds.

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  • I have a Xenyx 302USB Audio Interface and a Blue Yeti Pro microphone, used on Mac.
  • Two word clock connectors are onboard as well, and there’s a push button for looping through the word clock signal.
  • The tubes are a basic Chinese 12AX7 and are a good place to start when looking at modifying this mic pre.
  • The ‘tube warmth’ gauge is a bit distracting (that’s what ears are for) but it’s easily ignored.

The channel strip is only a one way thing, a preamp that runs INTO your audiobox. I have a Behringer x1204usb mixer, and I’ve noticed that my Rode NT1 condenser mic picks up an insane amount of background noise/hiss regardless of gain/channel/main mix fader settings. With dynamic mics the hiss/hum is not there. I have a 2i2 kicking around, and it’s always been sweet for the NT1, with not much noise being picked up. The mic and line inputs are both tied to the preamp on the I-O 22.

Art Prompa Ii

For the price range, it’s hard to beat this unit. As long as we don’t pretend it’s a Neve or and API it’s perfectly usable in a project/demo setting. I would also suggest to get something that is only a preamp instead of a channel strip, you’ll have enough headache figuring out mic placement, gheto treatment and gain staging. Over all, you get what you pay for, but I suggest saving up for a UA Solo 610 or a Grace Design or whatever.

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A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. Many other tube preamps I would not replace…

Bringing the drive down to a low level and switching on the high tube-voltage brought about a subtle thickening of the sound, which, again, I found musically useful. In combination with a higher drive level, the sound again became progressively warm, then thick, then quite distorted as the pre‑tube gain was increased. Get an eye on what’s going on using the ART Pro MPA-II’s full assortment of metering. Onboard, two professional VU meters display input or output levels, while its multicolored LED arrays, with average or peak hold, show you tube gain.

After reading through numerous reviews and researching other available content, this one seemed like it would fit my needs the best. So I read this blind test review in sos magazine that the pro moan sounded the same if not better in some cases than all these hi end boutique preamp so I decided to put it to the test. In a nutshell we were blown away.Give this thing a try it will not disappoint you. The ART MPA II is a great little preamp. It sounds great and it is extremely easy to use.

Fortunately, the majority of components are easily accessible and a fault can be identified by anyone who dabbles in electronics. In my opinion, this is NOT pro gear, because pro gear is accurate, easy to set up, fast to work with and offers a dramatic improvement in the sound. That said, it does seem to impart a little more life to digital sources, although you may have to strain your ears to hear it. Not that I didn’t upgrade the tubes, either.

A Amazing Unit

I’m extremely pleased with the quality and the performance. I had about given up on getting a mic pre as most are too expensive for my budget and the cheaper ones probably wouldn’t have satisfied me. The Pro MPA II met all my needs; great warm tube sound, great price and exceptional quality.